AD Diggs

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, AD has lived in Los Angeles for the majority of her life.  Growing up AD excelled at sports especially basketball, and developed a love of exclusive kicks.  The Italian and Puerto Rican Businesswoman is no stranger to challenges and hard work. AD has a hustler spirit that won't let her fail. Becoming a Business Owner has always been a desire for AD, naturally creating a "genderless" clothing company. 



DTK is a brand created to add Dopeness to the apparel of all sneakerheads. One of the most passionate sneakerheads of this generation decided to add style to a comfortable brand of clothing, while you’re rocking your favorite kicks. AD decided to create fashionable attire that matches the relaxed style sneakerheads desire. Imagine wearing your favorite pair of kicks while sporting a pair of comfortable, stylish sweats that says, “DiggTheKicks”. People will focus on the words on your leg first, and then immediately direct their attention to your DOPE kicks! DTK welcomes all.